In this episode of “The Breakthrough Code,” I have the pleasure of sitting down with the extraordinary Daniel Mangena, a true inspiration who has turned his life around using the Beyond Intention Paradigm, a four-step system he created. His journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, has led him to share his incredible insights on the relationship between our attitudes towards money and our personal wealth.

Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit began to bloom at a young age when he taught himself how to build computers at just 13 years old. By 19, he had already established a business that earned him several million pounds. However, due to lack of experience and proper licenses, the government closed down his venture. Undeterred, Daniel forged ahead and started another business, which also reached the multimillion-pound mark in a few short years. Unfortunately, this too was taken from him, a result of his decision to place everything in others’ names to avoid government scrutiny.

Despite these crushing setbacks, Daniel’s resilience and determination remained unshakable. Even as a teenager, he delved into personal development and wealth creation, reading books like “Think and Grow Rich” and “Psycho-Cybernetics.” He will jokingly say that while other kids were out playing he was reading. 

Daniel’s life took a dramatic turn when he experienced life-altering trauma and received a late Asperger’s diagnosis. This diagnosis, though unexpected, became a blessing in disguise, which really helped him understand his unique way of interacting with the world. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Daniel set out on a mission to awaken people to the significance of their unique roles, a passion he feels is often overlooked or underestimated.

Throughout the interview, Daniel emphasizes the power of our desires and focus in shaping our lives, even if they take on a negative form. He points out that by fixating on unfavorable situations, such as being in the wrong relationship or facing challenging financial situations, we inadvertently attract those scenarios into our lives. It’s a profound yet straightforward concept that requires dedication and effort to master. 

“It is straightforward, but it isn’t easy” 

He also is a firm believer that everything is created twice, first on the inside and then on the outside.

I really love his idea where he spoke about what would that thing you are hoping to attract think of you. For example, is your relationship with money encouraging more abundance in your life, or not?

He mentions often meeting people that really did want to change their lives but would run into hassles like not having enough resources or time, he has a fascinating approach to getting past the brick wall that seems to stop you in your tracks.

Daniel Mangena’s passion for an evolutionary uplift in universal consciousness shines through. His Beyond Intention Paradigm has transformed his life from despair to joy, and he now seeks to guide others toward their own breakthroughs. With his incredible insights on mindset and prosperity, Daniel inspires us to remain focused on our goals amidst distractions and negativity.

Join us in this captivating episode as we uncover the keys to harnessing the power of our minds for a transformative journey towards success and abundance.

Key Takeaways:

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Clip Title: The Breakthrough Code | Episode 10 | DanielMangena – Using your Mindset to Create Wealth